xoxo Sugar Cosmetics Review  

    I was recently sent some of xoxo sugar cosmetics goodies to try out and review. I was sent the chocolate milkshake face mask, cherry bomb whipped body butter, coconut lip balm, and gold rush body bronzer. 

    I’ll start off with the chocolate milkshake face mask… I have been experiencing a hormonal breakout for about 2 weeks now, between stress from school and everything in between (finals are rapidly approaching!). I am coming down from the breakout but am still experiencing some redness and some bumpy texture in areas. I wore this mask yesterday for the full length of time recommended (8 minutes). I was a little nervous since my skin is so sensitive BUT, I was pleasantly surprised that when I washed the mask off my face look significantly better! The redness had subsided a little and my pores looked tighter. My overall skin had a healthier presence. To use the mask I followed the directions on the package but instead of using any oils I just used milk and water as my mixing ingriedient and I think that was the best route for MY skin type. Everyone is different and there are several different ways this mask could be mixed, thus creating a custom mask for everyone. I loved it. Definitely going to be a new go-to when I experience stress and hormonal breakouts. 

    The coconut lip balm was nice. I am a huge fan of coconut oil and I actually use raw coconut oil as my eye cream. The benefits of coconut oil are endless so I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed a lip balm that had coconut oil as one of the main ingredients. It smelled wonderful too! 

    The gold rush body bronzer is great for right after you get out of the shower if you’re planning on going out. It is a little oily upon application but when the skin is damp it soaks right in. I’m a big fan of body shimmer products and this was a hit for me. I’m timid about applying things to my upper chest area since I have sensitive skin, so I used this on my arms and legs. It gave me a glowing from within look as the sparkle is not over powering and the glitter is finely milled. It was gorgeous. It definitely gave my skin a healthy glow and even made my tan that much more prominent (I’m a fake-baker so I have a little color at the moment). 

    Last but most certainly not least… my favorite product out of everything I was sent would definitely be the Cherry Bomb whipped body butter. It smelled heavenly! Good lord. I am a waitress and my hands sometimes take a beating between being washed a thousand times and all the bleach I use for cleaning purposes. I put this body butter on my hands before I go to bed and I wake up with baby bottom soft hands! No joke. As I mentioned about the body bronzer it is a little oily upon application but that does not bother me as I usually only put lotion on after showers and before bed. That way my skin has more time to soak up the butter and gets the most out of it. This knocked Bath and Body Work’s body butters out of the park! 

Side note: all of these products are cruelty free! 

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Jouer Cosmetics Anti-Blemish Matte Primer 

    I’ve been using Jouer Cosmetics anti-blemish matte primer for several weeks now and let me tell you… It is all that it’s cracked up to be! 

    Previously I was using a silicon based primer (Benefit’s Pore Professional) which I really liked and would recommend to anyone who wants a flawless finish with their foundation. It helps cover bumps and even overall texture. BUT, it does this because it contains silicon… Which can be detrimental to the skin in several different ways. It’s bad for acne prone and oily skin as it can cause breakouts. It seals off the pore, not allowing sebum to penetrate which causes a backup, which results in a pimple! 

    Jouer’s anti-blemish matte primer contains no silicon, it’s oil free, hypoallergenic, and paraben free. It’s a light weight non drying formula. It applies smoothly and dries down quickly. Personally I put my mousturizer on first, then the primer, then my makeup. I like an added layer of moisture since I use harsh scrubs that strip my skin and cause me to be a little dryer in certain areas. This primer retails for $38, but I was able to get it and the daily clarifying oil (which is just as awesome) both for about $48 altogether I believe. I follow Christina, the CEO and founder, on IG along with snapchat where she posts special promo codes for the “snap chat fam.” I highly suggest you check out her page on IG if you’re like me and love a good deal! (@czjouer) 

    Overall I’d give this primer 5 out of 5 stars! It’s great for any skin type. To see some of my other reviews follow my Instagram account: @lipstick_mermaid_ 


Modish Polish Review 

    Modish Polish sent me a few of their colors to test out. First off, I don’t promote products unless I fully back the company on an ethical level and on the quality of the product. That being said, I am completely in love with Modish Polish!! The packaging, the colors, the quality, the lacquer texture, how the lacquer wears, just everything. The owners are sweethearts and the lacquer is such amazing quality. Also… Modish polish is vegan friendly, cruelty free, 5 free, made in the USA, and PETA certified! Doesn’t get much better than that in my book.


    I’ve worn 2 of the 3 colors they’ve sent me. They also sent a top coat but I’ve been testing out the polish without the clear top coat for the time being. I’ve worn Inspired by Pink and Class is in Session so far. Both wear more like shellac than a polish. They are long-wear and have a very jelly-like sheen to them. 

    I am a waitress at a restaurant and am extremely rough on my hands. I’m constantly wringing out bleach filled rags, cleaning dirty tables, using harsh chemicals for cleaning, and just scrubbing things in general (you get the idea lol). My nails are natural, non acrylic, and I am particular with what polishes/lacquers I wear. Modish Polish lacquer lasts 3 days for me before any chipping or rubbing begins. Which is completely miraculous as I have yet to come across a POLISH that doesn’t chip after the first day. If I was to compare this polish to a drug store brand I would say it is close in quality to OPI’s gel shine. Which is $30+ for a kit.  

    I’m not sure how much Modish Polish lacquer will retail for since the website has not yet launched. As for now the website launch date is TBA and I will keep you guys posted about the Modish Polish release on my IG: @lipstick_mermaid_ 

My overall review… I was completely impressed with the company and the nail lacquers! I’m loving Modish Polish and I would recommend the brand to anyone. 


Glamglow Gravitymud

    So I’d seen a lot of people raving about how awesome the Glamglow Gravitymud firming treatment mask is. You know, the one that makes you look like you were dipped in a pot of liquid silver.  I had some gift cards left over from Christmas (thanks Grandma!) so I thought I’d splurge and give it a try. 

    Now first off, I wouldn’t have spent $69 on this mask had I not had a gift card. I’ve used it once and I didn’t see any crazy amazing results. I’m 22 years old so I haven’t began to see any major wrinkles yet (hormonal breakouts are my major concern). I did notice it left my skin feeling a little softer the next day and the smell is very pleasant. It smells like a piña colada. I used it before bed and it was a nice little treat. The mask says to leave it on for about 20-30 minutes and I left it on for 30 minutes. 

    I enjoyed the mask and if you’re looking for something to splurge on for a girls night in or just a little treat for yourself, then this is a great buy! Other than that I think the money could be put towards a more beneficial glamglow mask. I have the Powermud treatment (green one) that is intended for deep cleaning and I love that one. It’s great for getting rid of dead skin cells and just getting a good deep clean. You can try a small sized one for $19. That’s the size I have and I’ve gotten several uses out of it. I’ve also heard great things about the Supermud clearing treatment (white one) that is formulated for problematic skin. 


My Gold Eyeshadow Picks 

I love a good gold eyeshadow/highlighter! You can pair gold with just about any color and make it work. Here are some swatches of a few of my favorite golds!  
Top to bottom: Nyx Ghetto Gold, Victoria’s Secret Gold Card (discontinued), Mac Cosmetics Oh Darling, Colourpop Cheap Date, Devinah Cosmetics Arcadia, and Bitter Lace Beauty Royalty… Use my code “MERMAIDLUV” for 25% off @devinahcosmetics and grab yourself an Arcadia brow highlighter! Tag me in your hauls to be featured on my page 😊✨ (checkout my IG: @lipstick_mermaid_ for the video) 

Way Better Snacks 

    **Not a makeup related blog post **  

    I thought I had snapped a photo of these before I ate them… Oops 🙈 I received these @waybettersnacks complimentary in my #cheersvoxbox for testing & review purposes and they were so delicious! They were sweet with a spicy little kick. They were crispy and thin, everything you hope for in a chip. I usually don’t care for tortilla chips unless I have dip on hand, but these are great. I could eat these chips by themselves and thoroughly enjoy them! 

     I definitely did enjoy them, BUT I wish there had been more in the bag. I felt like I only got a few chips, which I guess is usually the case with any bag of chips I suppose. It just seemed like I only got about 6 or 7 full sized chips. I recommend Way Better Snacks add a few more chips in the bag to up customer satisfaction. They are non GMO certified and are gluten free! These chips seem to be a healthy and delicious snack. A+ in my book! WayBetterSnacks #SnackWayBetter 


MATTE About Devinah Cosmetics

Devinah Cosmetics has been cooking up some new stuff for you guys! DeAndra has been working on MATTE EYESHADOWS and she has come up with 10 new colors. These 10 new colors will be released this Friday! Each eyeshadow is hand pressed in small batches to ensure quality products. Every eyeshadow is priced at $5 and is also compatible with any magnetic palette.

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*pic is from Devinah Cosmetics IG page*

May Coop Raw Sauce Review

This stuff should be called AWESOME SAUCE instead of Raw Sauce, because that’s the most accurate description I can give. You put this on after you wash your face and before any other products. It improves the effectiveness of your other products and gives you a glowing from within look.

This essence is not sticky or thick, it is a light and silky formula that almost feels like water. But, it is not so liquidity that it is hard to use. Raw Sauce glides onto your face and neck effortlessly and gives an instant boost of hydration without leaving the skin oily or over-saturated. This product absorbs easily into the skin and helps prep for other products to ultimately boost their effectiveness. The maple tree sap base is what makes this product unique. Maple tree sap particles are almost identical to the size of the fluids found in the human body, being even smaller than water particles.  The directions say to rub it up and outward for best results.

My skin is so much healthier and overall clearer since I started using this! This essence works well with all skin types and I’d highly recommend this to anyone that gets hormonal breakouts like myself. Raw Sauce has helped keep my breakouts under control and has just increased the overall appearance of my skin since I started using it. You can find May Coops’s Raw Sauce on Sephora for 5.07 ounces at $43, or $14 for 1.35 ounces. You get a lot of product in the large size (which is what I own). I use the 5.07 ounce every day and can see this bottle lasting me a long time! The bottle is a frosted glass and it looks nice on a vanity (I’m a sucker for nice packaging so that was just a plus for me personally. LOL). Overall I’d give this product 5 stars and I think this is one of the best skin care products I have tried so far!

*pic was taken by me*

Instagram Giveaway 

    I will be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram page very soon! I am just waiting for my package to come in and I will get the giveaway started. Follow my Instagram page: @lipstick_mermaid_ to participate!  


Formula Comparison of various Lippies 

    Here are some swatches of my favorite pinky nude picks from my personal collection! I have labeled each by name, along with the abbreviations of the company that each one is produced by.

    The Jeffree Star Cosmetics formula is very smooth and liquidy. It’s got the consistency of melted butter and the pigment is strong. I have several of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks and each color is very opaque. No patchiness whatsoever. They tend to take a little longer to dry making cleanup a little easier. The formula isn’t as drying as others I’ve tried. I’ve noticed that if I use lip scrub and put on a light layer of balm before applying the lipstick, then wear is very comfortable. I can make it several hours before needing any touch ups while eating and drinking. Some days I’ve even  made it up to six+ hours of wear without any crusting or need for a touch up (when I am not heavily eating or drinking). These lipsticks retail for $18 online with $5 shipping fee. I’ve heard rumors that Jeffree will be selling through Sephora sometime next year but im not sure about that and will update if I hear anything else about it… Jeffree Star formula is my top pick of all the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. 

    The Kat Von D formula is very similar to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics formula in texture. However, it is a little thicker and more creamy in formula. Double Dare can apply a little patchy but I’ve never had problems with my other two KVD liquid lipsticks. This lippie lasts for several hours and very few touch ups are needed. I try to stay away from oily foods when I wear it, as the oils tend to cause the lipstick to break down and get slimy on my lips. But other than that this formula is a winner in my book. I buy KVD’s products through Sephora (online and in store) and they retail for $20. Shipping is around $5 unless you spend $50+.  I suggest waiting to order in bulk because the regular samples and deluxe samples are pretty rad. I’m all about free samples! 

    The Gerard Cosmetics formula is fairly thick and very creamy. The color payoff is great and the formula is very opaque. I wore this lipstick to Comic Con (I’m a nerd I know lol), didn’t eat or drink for about 6 hours and needed 0 touch ups. It still looked fairly presentable even after I ate. Ectasy was darker on me than I thought it would be, which isn’t surprising… I have very little pigmentation in my lips, so more often than not colors appear much darker on me than they are in my swatches. Which isn’t a bad thing as I usually opt for bolder and darker colors anyway. I used a bloggers birthday code to receive 40% off on this lipstick and shipping was/is usually free. Use the code Trendmood or Gcsave and save money on your order! 

    Tootsi by Colourpop Cosmetics is actually an old school lipstick, not a liquid. The formula is supposedly matte but it is more of a satin finish I believe. I prefer a creamy satin finish anyway so this was great for me. However, for those expecting a totally matte formula this isn’t that. The color is a beautiful cool toned “greige” and I always receive tons of compliments every time I wear it. Color payoff is good and the lipstick itself is quite opaque in application. Staying power isn’t fantastic and I usually need several touch ups (especially when eating or drinking). Tootsi retails for $5 and for that I think this is an excellent lipstick. Colourpop Cosmetics offer free shipping on orders of $30+ and nothing on the website is more than $8 (speaking for individual products). If you are a new customer you can use the code “thanksbabe” to receive $5 off your first order. You really can’t go wrong with a good quality lipstick at $5 and speaking personally, it is one of my favorite colors for everyday wear.   

    Black Moon Cosmetics “Libra” has the most unique liquid lipstick formula that I have come across so far. The formula is extremely creamy and thick. It is almost like an old school lipstick smashed up and put inside a liquid lipstick tube. It’s opaque for the most part but can apply a little patchy. I usually use a few swipes to help build up the color on my lips. This formula has a tendency to get crusty around the outer edges of the lips after a few hours of wear. As for eating and drinking, this lipstick was virtually non existent after I drank a frappucino and had a piece of pumpkin spice bread from Starbucks (don’t judge). This lipstick retails for $18 with a $5 shipping fee. I’d have to say I do like this formula… BUT,  it does not perform quite as well as others (mainly when it comes to light eating and drinking). The Black Moon Cosmetics company is relatively new and they could benefit from a little tweaking on their formula. Overall it is a good lipstick and I would purchase again.